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Read Cottage Children's Medical Center magazine, published twice a year, to:

  • Explore advanced treatment options for your child
  • Get to know the health care professionals—your neighbors—who may care for your loved one
  • Learn ways to keep your child healthy

Winter 2015

Cottage Children's Hospital Magazine - Winter 2015

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Kids and Teens

CCH Expands Access to Pediatric Services on Central Coast

Spring 2014

CCH Spring 2014

Hugs Not Drugs—Immobilizers reduce need for general anesthesia in infants undergoing MRI

Treating Childhood Obesity—Early detection of metabolic syndrome is key

When It’s Not Just Growing Pains—Preserving growing bones and cartilage

Fall 2013 CCH Fall 2013

Breastfeeding and Drug Use—Should a mother who tests positive be allowed to nurse her baby?

Getting Ready for Flu Season—Exciting developments in flu vaccines

Recognizing MTBI—Diagnosing mild traumatic brain injuries, or concussions

Spring 2013 CCH Spring 2013

Correcting ‘Lazy Eye’—Treating common visual problems

Helping Kids Breathe Easy—Personalized plans for managing asthma

Helping Newborns Heal Themselves—Minimizing premature infants’ need for ventilators